A simple Google search would tell you that Millions of people are misdiagnosed/undiagnosed every year! 

For any person who enjoys & appreciates personal health, these figures are truly shocking. Millions…?? & just imagine how many survived & how many died? 

Well…sadly half of them! 

That’s right half of those millions die.

Now think about the magnitude of impact left on the loved ones, who sooner or later..learn, that the deceased person could have been saved..had they been part of a more efficient healthcare system.


In some cases no one even knows, leaving a void in their lives & unanswered question ...what if?


This story takes 3 folds: Beginning, Battle & the Returns



Apparently the first thing that occurred to us was how can this problem be solved; could this be an untapped business opportunity.. & most importantly how can We help people who are suffering with no resources, to seek secondary healthcare in our niche sue-case? 

Being a huge believer of technology & the difference it makes in our lives daily, We thought of developing an app that connects patients & consultant doctors. But the security threats & breaches linked to conventional databases, remained a challenge. Again, thanks to the technology, blockchain is a distributed database that ensures data confidentiality, transparency, & promptness of funds transfer at the same time of being highly cost-efficient. 

Now this technology is still in its infancy & much of its huge potential is yet to be realised. 


Challenges can be perceived as opportunities or hurdles. We chose the first one & managed to partner with people who shared our passion & vision. An extensive market research mostly consisting one-to-one brainstorming sessions with few entrepreneurs confirmed the do-ability of the project. Market intelligence reports also confirmed the demand of the service. 


The biggest challenge was funding the project. Needless to say not many people believe or even know about disruptive technologies, & would always see it as a huge risk! 

After experiencing few Venture Capitalist firms, we learned another harsh truth..the only thing that matters is the profit…We, on the other hand, are on a mission to make this business not only profitable but also empower people to manage their own health.

So…what’s next?


We are still managing to fund the project by few means: bootstrapping, private token sales & warming up for the Crowd Token Sales. may ask??


Are we still facing challenges? Absolutely! 

Are We stoppable? Definitely not!!



Where do We stand now? 


  • 100,000,000 million MONET(ORB) have been pre-mined; 

  • The MVP for Dapp is already built;

  • 4000+ ETH raised  

  • Soon getting listed on one of top 10 Crypto’s exchange..

  • Been through an extremely challenging & equally rewarding journey of 18 months + looking forward to much much more to come..


Project outcomes ?


  • A Dapp connecting patients seeking 2nd opinion on their initial diagnostics WITH consultants/specialists globally;

  • This service would save lives of millions of people across the globe;

  • People who are not privileged enough to pay for the service would be offered free service after a due diligence check;

  • MONET(ORB) price appreciates due to demand created by the service offering..


Interested in knowing more & supporting this project in any way you can to save millions of lives?? We would love to see you in our fast-growing community..

We are a growing team of crypto-enthusiasts who believe in empowering people. We are doing something really ambitious- i.e. challenging current financial & healthcare systems. Operating as SAMTEQ BUZZ LTD. we develop projects using disruptive technology addressing real-world problems at cost-effective solutions. 


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