The ‘Human Side’ of MONET Blockchain Project (previously called Medibit Project)

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

If you are serial or potential investor of blockchain/STO/ICO/IEO, a simple Google search would flood you with projects that sound promising and exciting. This post is not to help you spot a promising project from a ‘more’ promising project. In fact I aim to showcase our Blockchain Project with an 'honest-not-fluffed-up' insight.

While we, as a company talk about our project, some very interesting comments and criticism come up, helping us evolve the project. I’ve talked to so many ICO founders who try to hide the ‘unknown territory’ of project development by ‘fluffing’ up the outcomes. Every time I fail to understand, what refrain one from not putting out the ‘unknowns’ of the project and take pride in accepting “we aren’t sure of that, however we would find the answers as we progress.”

So…being accountable and transparent, I proudly show the human side of our project.

Even though, I had been working as a management consultant for last 6 years, and my partner, as a stock trader, I’ll be very honest here. When we started, we had no idea of the challenges we will face of this new territory. Call it a burning desire, an intense passion, all we knew was that fundraising targets will be met and that is all that mattered then.

Today, we are in a private funding phase.

Being a small start-up, raising funds under the umbrella of disruptive innovation, and projecting a promising project is really overwhelming. Not because one is clueless, but because we knew too much, yet had no idea how to structure the information in a manner so that people from non-technical background can grasp the idea in simple and few words.

Another challenge is the fact that WE (the entire ICO/crypto community) are challenging the financial system of the world.

In addition, We, the MONET team is challenging the healthcare systems of the world!

Let me explain.

Regardless of where you are, a developed or an underdeveloped country, healthcare systems favour people who can pay the ‘asking price’. Please exclude the charitable element here for now. Many would agree, many would disagree, but that’s not the point. Whether it’s a tax/insurance-laden, or private systems, only those who can pay are benefited. Those who can’t pay, simply suffer.

We are challenging these systems. We are creating a platform that connects patients with consultative healthcare. But not just any patient, only those who seek 2nd opinion on their primary/initial diagnostics.

I’ve personally been through an incident of misdiagnosis, and I am sure many of you or a friend/family’s situation would be relatable.

Getting back to our platform, the problem of unaffordable fee to seek 2nd consultative opinion would be addressed in 2 ways: a. either people pay a fraction of the cost of what they are otherwise paying for their respective healthcare; or b. people who can’t pay our fee would be provided service for free (they have to provide us with few details, and assessed to be genuine by our team in a very short span of time). Either the company pays doctors’ fee, or the doctors’ could volunteer their service for such cases. The payment currency will be ERC20 token called MONET (ORB).

An important aspect that is probably not realised by many is that trusting a healthcare practitioner’s judgement is not the ONLY option. The probability of human error can never be eliminated and we all have a choice to seek 2nd opinion. There’s nothing wrong with it. Ethically, healthcare systems should provide easy, prompt, cost-effective (ideally free because it’s the failure of the system and not the practitioner) and transparent options for seeking 2nd opinion, but they don’t. Why wouldn’t they stays out of scope of this post.

Market intelligence reports published by widely acclaimed agencies, confirm what I’ve presented so far. Millions of people are suffering in the US alone, due to misdiagnosed and/or undiagnosed medical conditions and half of those, die. I can’t express my pain enough because the figures are really, shocking. The Guardian (2015) reported that 1 million people were misdiagnosed for asthma. In another report, 000s are misdiagnosed for type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer, heart attack, epilepsy and the list goes on. Who knows, how many cases are reported and how many are hushed up.

I appreciate that healthcare systems are much more complex than comprehended and so is a human body, however one thing I can clearly see and prove is that something is seriously wrong with these systems. Additionally a lot need to be revised. I place Medibit STO project, right at this position, where technology can be integrated with a whole new perspective and ambitions.

I believe that MONET Blockchain Project, is a very bold step towards giving power on to the people to manage their health, if they chose to (this is why I titled this post ‘human side…’). They don’t have to leave themselves or their loved ones on the ultimate discretion of a healthcare practitioner who is “bound” to perform within the set guidelines, policies and procedures of the system he/she is part of.

Don’t get me wrong. I come from a family of doctors. Every other person in my immediate and extended family is a doctor and I do fully appreciate the hard work, sweat and blood poured in by individuals and their families for a doctor to acquire his medicine degree and future qualifications. What upsets me is the healthcare systems.

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Any comment, feedback, improvement suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks for reading

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