MONET Project Launch PR Release

Showcasing MONET Project to the world for the very 1st time at World Blockchain STO Summit, Dubai 29–30th April, 2019

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PR Release: Showcasing MONET Project to the world for the very 1st time at #WorldBlockchainSTOSummit #Dubai #UAE 29–30th April, 2019


MEDIBITCOIN NETWORK LTD. launches first of its kind, mobile healthcare project. The project called MONET is building a blockchain-powered digital platform connecting patients seeking 2nd opinion on their initial medical diagnosis with consultative healthcare practitioners, globally.

29–30th April, 2019, Dubai — The company Medibitcoin Network Ltd. incorporated in 2017, aims to empower people to self-manage health, through funding projects using disruptive technologies, within global healthcare industry. The Company had announced the launch of its trademark project called MONET BLOCKCHAIN PROJECT.

Targeting just 1% of ‘mobile healthcare Total Addressable Market (TAM)worth 1.6BN. USD, 13% fund-raising targets had already been achieved in few months through private sales. With a ‘paper-prototype-ready-project’, MONET envisions to ‘Stop the Silent Misdiagnosis’.


A patient, with some health issues not resolved by primary care practitioner, wants to seek 2nd expert’s opinion. Research data confirms that over 20% of people get a different diagnosis after they are referred to consultative healthcare practitioner.

Unfortunately, seeking 2nd opinion on primary diagnosis is usually not an option for many, due to resource constraints such as time and cost.

Misdiagnosis of medical condition is a serious problem. Millions of patients die every year, due to misdiagnosis, or undiagnosed medical conditions. The sufferings are usually, silent.


Develop a platform that connects patients and specialist/consultant healthcare practitioners within identified niche use-case.

Before blockchain technology was introduced, such service wasn’t possible due to many reasons, primarily, patient data security breaches and practitioners working independent of any healthcare system.


MONET Project is backed by team with proven technology-leadership, coupled with unique qualifications: post-graduation in blockchain technology; existent and expanding strategic network; extensive knowledge and insight into operative markets; analytical and research skills.


Empower people to self-manage health

Develop a platform that performs independent of any healthcare system within niche use-case

Embrace disruptive technologies at its core whilst offering solutions to customer pain points within digital healthcare sector.


Platform connecting patients seeking 2nd opinion on their initial diagnostics with consultative healthcare practitioners, globally;

Reduced cost and burden on the respective health care systems;

Increased longevity, giving people greater and in some cases better control of their health;

Increased personal responsibility towards healthcare, and better management of long-term medical conditions.


Any comment, feedback, improvement suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for reading.

About the Author

I am an entrepreneur, researcher, analyst, crypto-enthusiast & believer. I am also one of the founding members of — a blockchain platform (under-development) connecting patients seeking 2nd opinion on their primary diagnostics with consultative healthcare, across the globe. Like my content? 🙂Follow me on Twitter & Telegram.

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