How we started the project MONET BLOCKCHAIN PROJECT (previously called Medibit Project)?

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

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Starting a blockchain project isn’t any different from starting any other business. I say so in context of the prime objective of ‘community building and profit making ’. Of course I don’t say so on varied perspective of this business. At present there are 2 founding partners in this project, Kashif Rizvi and I.

We both did our Masters in Computer Security & Audit from University of Greenwich, UK in 2009, the same time when Bitcoin was born.

Fast forward, 2017, although the markets were buzzing about Bitcoin, yet so many things were not clear.

Taking you few years back, after graduation we were told that the UK market isn’t right for fresh graduates within our industry and if we really need to secure jobs we have to do few more professional certifications. Even after attaining certifications, many stories of being jobless continued to be heard. Second, one of the biggest hurdles we faced was employers found our degree quite confusing. For example, they weren’t sure of how cryptography technology can play crucial role in cyber security, or how would a combination of 3 technologies (VPN, Protocol and Cryptography) build a platform that would eradicate the role of 3rd parties, say in bank transactions. The aforementioned technologies synergised to give birth to the very popular and sought after term today: blockchain

We both didn’t settle for just any job and each of us, chose our 2nd passion to earn living. Kashif started working as forex-trader in financial markets and I continued with management consultancy focusing on IT-startups.

In 2017, when we sensed that the market had matured enough to support project growth, we jumped in with our project called MONET BLOCKCHAIN PROJECT.

So what inspires this project? Whilst doing research into mobile Healthcare sector (why we chose this particular sector would be another post) we spotted a market gap, where no one was offering a solution addressing a problem affecting millions, globally and specifically in the under developed countries. The problem is of misdiagnosis and or undiagnosed medical condition in a patient. Though app market is flooded with fitness apps, there is hardly any (in our best knowledge) that addresses the issue of misdiagnosed/undiagnosed medical conditions in a patient. As an extreme example, patients die due to negligence of healthcare systems and at least, patients’ health continue to suffer. A staggering figure reaching up to millions surfaced when we tried to learn, how many people are getting affected globally.

I can go on and on, but to keep it short, we then turned towards researching into the factors that would trigger a demand for our service. We learnt that there is an increasing demand for patient centric mobile healthcare models, due to increasing access of mobile platforms, tablets and smartphones. An increase in demand of healthcare requirements in remote area, and growing geriatric population also triggers this demand.

Apparently, when market research confirmed the demand of our service, we were excited to launch this project. Oh did I mention that the concepts of cryptography (this is where cryptographic currency or cryptocurrency got its name from) were introduced to us in the university, and ever since this was one of the most enticing subjects for us. I don’t want to bore you with technical details here so if I receive requests to write on this topic, I happily would.

To explore our project more, please follow these link 

Website, White paper, Facebook, LinkedIn

Summing up this very first post, I would look forward to your comments to know your views on our project and questions of course. Send your questions to

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About the Author

I am an entrepreneur, researcher, analyst, crypto-enthusiast & believer. I am also one of the founding members of — a blockchain platform (under-development) connecting patients seeking 2nd opinion on their primary diagnostics with consultative healthcare, across the globe. Like my content? 🙂Follow me on Twitter & Telegram.

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